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Health Insurance
The health insurance market has changed tremendously in the last few years since the Affordable Care Act became law.  We have worked very hard to keep up with the changes and help our clients navigate the complexities it presents.  We currently offer Traditional Medicare Supplement, Group Health, Individual Health - non subsidized, and Subsidized (Marketplace) plans as well as Short Term Health Insurance.  We are licensed to sell Health Insurance in Virginia only.  
Below, you will find some self service tools to help you get started with obtaining an individual health insurance plan.   We suggest discussing plans with us before making a final decision, but by using these sites, it will speed up our discussions and the time it takes to apply. 
Links to Enroll in Non- Marketplace Health Policies
Click HERE to buy an Anthem NON Subsidy Eligible Individual Health policy from Phil Hager.      


Click HERE to buy an Anthem NON Subsidy Eligible Individual Health policy   from Gavin Hager.


Click HERE to apply for a Short Term Health Insurance Plan through United Healthcare.  **Short Term Health Coverage does not prevent the tax penalty for not having insurance.



Steps to Apply for Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment


Here are the steps to use to enroll in a 2018 Subsidy Eligible Plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.  Enrollment for 2018 starts on November 1. Please call Gavin Hager 540-721-8822 ext. 1 to discuss.  But, please use these tools to have your PROJECTED 2018 Household Modified Adjusted Gross Income figures ready to discuss.  This will allow us more time to help you pick the proper Health Insurance plan which is our main role as the agent.  Please keep in mind, we are not accountants and thus are not qualified to give advice on IRS or income calculations.  In addition to the tools below, we highly advise consulting with your accountant or tax preparer before applying for Marketplace coverage. 


Click HERE   for the Marketplace Application Checklist.  This will give you the needed information to enroll.  

Click HERE  Use this MAGI Worksheet to calculate your 2018 Modified Adjusted Gross Income.  This is the number needed to input your income when you apply.  Center for Labor Research and Education, University of California, Berkeley

Click HERE  for a MAGI Calculator provided by Connect for Health Colorado. You can use your previous tax returns to help determine your 2018 income.   (Nope, we don't write in Colorado.  Yep, amazingly this is the only calculator we could find online.)

Click HERE for a link to the Kaiser Family Foundation Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator*.  This is an easy tool to calculate Premium Subsidies for the Health Insurance Marketplace.  




 *Note: These resources are just links to other websites.  We did not develop them and do not take responsibility for the accuracy of their content.